Plantar Fasciitis – Foot Thing

As my doctor had advised, I stepped up my exercise routine, and was walking several days a week on the treadmill, occasionally turning it into a light jog. After one 30 minute walk/jog I noticed the padding on my heels was really sore.  I decided to take a couple days off of jogging and buy new tennis shoes. The new shoes helped my workouts at first, but then I paid a high price for the rest of the day with painfully sore feet. I soon stopped working out all together to give my feet a chance to heal. Months went by and I was still feeling heel pain when I was on my feet too long, especially barefooted. I decided to buy a used recumbent exercise bike hoping to continue an exercise routine without putting weight on my feet.  The bike worked for a little while, but it wasn’t nearly as comfortable as the treadmill so it didn’t take long before I lost interest.

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